What is a share?

This program is modeled after a CSA; Community Supported Agriculture. It enables farmers like us to have the upfront income needed to buy the seeds and supplies necessary to have a flower filled summer.  Shareholders are truly making an investment in our little flower farm, and we are happy to pass on the abundance to our shareholders.


If I'm away on vacation, can someone else pick up my share? 

Absolutely! Spread the flower love, don't forget that neighbor who feeds your cat. We are unable to hold bouquets; we want you to receive the freshest flowers.


What if I forget to pick up my bouquet? 

Don't worry! We will send you an email reminder the morning your bouquet is ready.


How many stems can I expect in my bouquets?

Great question! That amount will vary depending upon the harvest available on the farm. Typically, the beginning of our season is a slow start, which will yield bundles of at least 15 stems, as summer warms the soil, our bouquets become more abundant and varied, it’s all we can do to squeeze all the flowers into a single sleeve, so at that point we’ve stopped counting!


Can I come to tour the farm and pick my own flowers?

Unfortunately, because of our insurance coverage, we are unable to host visitors to our farm. Plus, we have a few really rude dogs who don't know the word "down".


How long will my flowers last?

We aim to design bouquets which are long-lasting; and we often find our clients are able to replace each bouquet with the next share so they're never without flowers! It's important to take good care of your blooms by keeping them away from heat and direct sun, changing the water daily, and recutting stems frequently with sharp scissors (especially when they first come home!). 


Do you offer alternative pick-up locations?

Unfortunately, we don't yet offer any other pick-up spots, but we would LOVE to expand our availability.  If you know of a business who may be interested in partnering with us, please let us know!